James Belflower



From Song of Ascent


on blades.
yellow prominent in a leaf
before the blue expanse a

nest, (eggs?) a droop of exhaust across
that alignment.

square Times square
all told all

the absence within resemblance
there on the birth
the simple sheen:

of         Expanse      unprepared and a third
light to govern

shock 50 states.



* * *


to the planet
Opportunity for

images arid Nergal saturated,

"Every year or the 14th of March a man clad in skins was lead in procession through the streets of Rome beaten with white long rods & driven from the city. He was called 'Marmurius Veturius' that is "the Old Mars" & as the ceremony took place on the day preceding the 1st full moon of the old Roman year the skin clad man
have represented the Mars of the past."

  and every year
  to theory for H
  but un-

            . . . us/them
                  align. . .

  Elliptikos look
  of 'heavens' not
  nations in stars



* * *


visor, visor, Boston based sloop flow of muddy water Captain Robt. Gray river ominous red oval? peak of the prow reusable system solid boosters intial start throttled over of 65 to 109 percent the main engines at sea level hydrogen flows M.P.S. engine data status ascent song helium propellant servoactivators pressure reentry composite structures 4.7 supply cubic foot tanks eight isolation midfuselage titanium liner fiberglass panel F7 interconnect liquid cavity preburner dome purge pogo system discharge post charge aft SSME energizing diameter prevalve gaseous outlet open directed umbilical 45 minutes axial six-stage turbine fuel corresponding suppression chilled interface digital internal general purpose 400 hertz orbirter redundant set EIU California Arizona New Mexico Texas Palestine

thermal protection system mission 11 minutes roll Mach 20.9 control red dot rapidly streaked searchers CAPCOM understand crew wing indicating four failed liminescent "is lost" messages tile solenoid Spirit proposal faster 600 billion atmosphere manned diameter haul nuclear semimonocoque Hamilton Sundstand ILC Dover I-suit fo walkin' on Mars