Laynie Browne



From Lost Parkour Ps(alms)

"The place we are going is the place
we were before we were born"
—Joanne Kyger

Out of your mind is only
a place to visit
hopefully as a tourist with a guidebook
standing in corners
trying not to appear lost
and yet there aren't any corners
and you will most certainly be lost
repeating a refrain about —
Is it possible to stand
in such a non-place?
Yet without such prodding excursions
could we ever —
in your mind is only a trace of the lived



Dropper full of indigo tincture

ps(alm) an eyedrop tincture of medicine for India

walk with me
as everything dissolves



I live in a place
where thought
of ribbony trees
like a borrower casts
a vantage
(all of us borrowers)



shall encamp
shall encamp legions


So little of it is precious
that which we carry

apparently barely audible
culling weight—driven, constrained
at times simply forgotten
Is there any aspect which is not

any angel of altitude



This is a picture of the third sister running
barefoot in the meadow, apron held out
in front of her, hoping to catch some buttons

This is a picture of a small boy with a long name
fallen into a well

This is a picture of "hareni, mikabel"
which means: I have taken upon myself

Thy neighbor brings you a cranberry cake
at 8 am on the day of your departure, forever
she is not yet dressed

this is a picture of the joyful tenant, the dubious fearful homeowner

Is there ever a house which upon removing its coverings appears spotless?

This is a picure of such a clean existence or death meaning

you've come from nowhere
impossible you've lost your memory or you're lying

In either instance this is a picture
I have not seen



Does it exist?
as the island of Naboob
star of Astoroth?

What is benathe this cacauphony
is an unknown carraige's depth
so stepping in, you've gone below
the level of the horse's hoof.