Coconut Books
2013 Book Prizes
No Reading Fees!!

The Joanna Cargill Coconut Book Prize for a First Book

The Elizabeth P. Braddock Coconut Book Prize
(open to any poet with 1 or more previously published full-length poetry collections)

Your submission to either contest must:

  contain no more than one manuscript in a single file.

 be sent via email to contests [at] coconutpoetry [dot] org.

 be sent as a single .docx, .rtf, or .pdf attachment.

•  include your name, email address, and phone number in the header. 

  be between 64 and 120 standard pages.

 be received before 6:00 pm EST on May 31, 2013.

 contain either the word “cargill” or the word “braddock” in your subject line as an indication to judges of the contest you’re entering.

  mention in your cover letter your favorite Coconut author and your thoughts on the ideal editor/author relationship.

 not include a reading fee.


Also, please read carefully:

•  Coconut will not consider any manuscript that does not follow all of the above rules.

 Coconut is not responsible for entries lost in the electronic netherworld.

 Coconut will not respond to bribes or threats or pleas.  In fact, if you’d ever consider any of these, please do not enter the contest.

 Please do not enter the contest if you’re unsure about whether you really want your manuscript to be published, or if you’re not a nice person.  Please strongly consider buying, if you can in any way afford it, one or more Coconut Books before you submit, or after the winners are announced. 

•  All contestants will receive a confirmation email upon submission. 

 Simultaneous submissions are acceptable; however, please indicate upon submission if your manuscript is being considered elsewhere.  Please notify Coconut immediately if the availability of your manuscript changes. 

•  Reading/judging will NOT be blind and will be performed solely by the editors of Coconut. 

 Judges will offer no commentary on any manuscripts, other than the winners.

 Winners will be notified via email, and then announced publicly, along with a list of finalists.

 Coconut hereby promises to publish at least one manuscript per contest in 2014 as a result of each of these contests, but reserves the right to choose more than one manuscript per contest for publication.

 Coconut hereby pledges to choose the manuscript we like best as the contest winner, regardless of whether we’ve met you before or whether you’re a complete stranger.  Coconut’s choices and judgments are 100% subjective (as are those of all editors everywhere).

 Winners will have up to one month to make minor revisions to the winning manuscripts, although Coconut reserves the right to refuse these changes.

 Winners will receive nothing other than the prestige that comes with publication, plus 25 copies of the finished book and 50% of all net profits (i.e., dollars earned by the press above total production, editorial, and marketing costs) earned by the book.


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