Bruce Covey


Antidote Anecdote

What does getting better mean?
How long, and if, what?

When the blueberries burst their little packets
& give up the portion of interior that’s liquid
(50% of all?), what, then, of the pulp?
Flop to the ground like a sack unable to roll?
The juice itself—its intricate puzzle—
Bubbles all the way to Lake Michigan
Or at least the shape of merrily whistling, predicting, predicating
That if all metals were so liquid & melty all
You’d place the penny inside
Making the wish, with
Desire beyond wonder bread
Beyond crust and boundary
Its skin taut like a drum

In any case, that’s the way it appears on this map
Live too close & you’ll catch the disease





You've won our hourly prize
People on the beaches and nearby places
Wheelchair bound in muffet, grabs $50,000
To continue precision incursions, 105
Shit in the head online reservations
Butchered 18 ½ a hike plan start worrying
Rubber chicken, robotic dino, how bad can
This turn?  Unlocked, tied up a huge number
The sighting of stamp at a convenience store
Because she was tired & couldn't remember
Wanted false drinking circumstances
A mailbox or a street sign sitting & didn’t
Alone in a house.  20 lines noted, muted
The first stage in this sinister journey
With a scar, charged over skirts
Cranberry relents, who put her on a train



Ready Set Go

Metaphor's the one about dust settling, but to me it's noise
The conclusions drawn from small change exchanges
& dust it—off the table & chairs.  It's a coin
Upon which time grew, extending its digits to tap
Into the sky's elections.  Red writing, a discussion
To solve the mystery of who will discover the comet.
I hold in my hand a range from zero to ten, odds
Unaccepted.  It's a slice off the crust & dip what's left
Into the toaster's bath, toe first, hot in here
& left with no other alternatives, a cycle from eleven
To grey.  The west one somebody's used, tied up
Sightless in a wooden trunk in the back of a blue pickup
With only a sandwich & thinking it's pretty good now
Reaching out to participles over the web—dangerous
Seven—the time Rollo took his nickel & bought
A punch drunk.  A lively conversation:  My skin
Coated in aluminum & imitation animals:  zebra
Giraffe, & cheetah, spectacular lid, under
Which a bottom's "Not any attention of butting
Into abstract business, particularly when resolved."
Of that, tuck the first sheet under the bed's door
& after lifting, close and make a copy of this
& of this, make another copy.  See its level
Depreciation?  I'm fine with fighting all the time
But in this world, today, what's the point
Of cyclone shoes?





Simply insert end of     My parents always told me
newspapers into the slot and     to use sunscreen
turn the crank.  Make     but the jellyfish,
sure paper is saturated     littering the beach,
and refill water reserve     were too much
as needed.  Repeat until     of a distraction.  I
log is approximately     hopped between
four inches wide, using     them, like anti-
the scale on the     lily pads, because
opposite side of the     I knew they would
crank.  Allow 2-3     burn me if
hours to partially dry     we touched.  Instead,
Saturate again in     the sun (Fire Island)
Paperlog special solution     burned my legs
one part solution     until two days later
to ten parts water.  Dry     they swelled up purple
overnight.  Will burn     & I felt like I was
four hours     walking on glass sticks