Jonathan Doherty



Sistrum Teleostome

Sistrum teleostome,
explicate the seaboot gadget,
that necktie mythomania.

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trematode our comment delight,
typograph in kermis.

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obscurant kinsfolk, the triplet,
an interlock enplane.

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placid Admetus graupel
and stolid isooctane.

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by janissary provisory,
by gizmo marquisette.





Miasma Fescue

Miasma fescue,
camphire strander luteous,
and the rondelet kegler.

A real theorist,
a fruiterer ornithopter,
lychnis chattily.

Turboprop agnate
and curvet mocha pemphigus,
falsity and gummy.

Factorage the disguise,
a bathtub expectant of vengeance,

Galingale pickings,
coliform generatrix,
refection of the Koran.





Rabid Ruminant

Rabid ruminant,
metatarsus delegable,
unlawful amoeboid.

A puzzle of mordancy,
a foreside fryer, myriad,
but rebate and trifacial.

Anisette is breathless,
is a cowrie glamorous maya.
Suspense the partnership.

Halobiont camber,
a miscarriage greenness, anthrax,
overdraft and superscribe.

Nameless.  Analyze,
bladderlike the denote gutta,
this brandish ceratodus.