Megan Johnson





I had nowhere
to go but metallic
sapling.  The spread
under the overpass
of bats.  You held
one bout of rabies
& smiled.  Toss it back
to smallness you
can you can. 
I was a mighty flinch
on the way out.
It’s not much
tomorrow to fuss over.
A door swings
back on its emptiness,
crust of nightly-wanting-you.
It’s perfect that way.
I believe all of it.




Love, conquerors of (world exceedingly dark)

which doesn’t mean the fresh mansion is touched
in any way at all.  Eclipsed moon.  Either you have enough
or you don’t have me. Rain came.  Elicits the sought to
sheet of metal.  Acorns pound down a pound of acorns
for the buying. I have no signature to sign off on what
you came to see as hearty & among us. The wing I built
is singular & follows a strict set of commands. 
So you would like to watch the opening? 
The shifting meat of furniture wholly functional in its purpose? 
Numerous keys.  Each relishing the appropriate spice to complete. 
No martyrs around the bend. Hands hardly hardened
by machine.  Just a fleck of nail. 
When we ask the answers come in pigeoned droves. 
A line center-splits the bed.  Is this what you want? 
The origami of remembrance, pink egret’s beak
through which no sound will ever come? 
But you were a ruby among chattering teeth. 
And then alchemy beside the solar eclipse. 
They told us not to watch & through our lids the faintest scrap of awe.




Stereochemistry II


A firewall to explain the formlessness, inside.  I pledged to hold the bloodright trinkets close & through to always.  An eyesore to the lambs at slaughter. A wish informs the tide to come back later, discolored tooth marking caught in light.  And then we lose our jobs, one by queasy one. Fire starter with mild sticks & moon grows bold while waiting.  Long line to see the petals dry, most delicate world hard breath may crumble away. The flames worn slowly included. A foothold moving as the carousel moves. The ventriloquist’s head replaced by dandelion.  Off & on the wall bees swarm.  What can you do with raw meat but eat and turn the flashlight off.  To gasp you know the world is long for you.  Better in the dummy’s box.




What splendid cracks may spread or fuse 

We were what bird damaging the bark the grain the
churned-out paper monogrammed in gold best fit for
sluice & give me your salutation over the rail done up
nude & wanted just that o body sitting in on the world
bees nestling the shoulder between unfold refresh
fracture filament a tree looks you over you pass
weighty you pass of the essence what holds
brief but enough calender to continue
I pull the tide the string the sieve works harder
than the hand & body knows the sticky gulp
the fire escape slide of open plain are you
sad to say it to pass through wrench of pasture
to count the days between lean & lonely
a nostalgic sneezing for what blossoms
is when you said come over a voice can
mourn is when I go & limitless I knew you
only lovely other & cadenced spine & walls & flight