Jeff T. Johnson




We attempt
The language excise
Torch the very
Roof expanse
Negate cinema
Yes blame the rooftop
Not the spare
Nostalgia comprise
Skyline caper

You ask
Why I don't
Leave the parapet
Corsica water texture
Finger garbage optima
The way to combat
Wood clash on the shore
Might be the surface
Flattened onscreen

I know how this
Look to the angled
Window below
The script
That makes
Margins ripple
Like the wall
Holds aside




Slow Type


Expect too harm
This all to say

Times needling village
Look mister, a

Prosaic adjunct marvel
Test lamé scant

Why can't Jeffrey type
Sentences gleaned from

Catalogue means malmy
Sort resource distro

Channel waver parcel
Showy what to ream

By know you now the
Wrestling life commended

Which is to say go my way
I'll source yours




Personnel Package


We move toward the win
Heading counties in red zones
Though you love them, scrimaging.

What is our distinction
In the Elways of our minds
Though we still care

What friends think
Regardless of the season
Indoors there's a high-low

Far off the horizon
Where bodies pop
Distant decal market towns




Hero Glyphs


The language is missed
Source image unravelling
Now that we have stripped the dialogue
Perhaps this is not etc.
Matter dropping limbs
Over: the encore
Over: the proscenium
In a zoom wide stance
By the boundary evidence
Picking nouns off the pace
Our little sitters offer us

Today was the marvel
Realigned to a credulous room.
Bye bye every other delay.
Fuck no all the other guiles.
Used culture took over 
On the strength of no critique
We could taste salt but our mouths
Were full of ands 
And all we can do is stop.
And all we can stop is ourselves.
The days just get up and grow.