Megan Kaminski


Summer starred night mints sleep new again
I cradle my head in my hand and watch
blackbirds circle near the ocean
pulling in close before
releasing towards the spray
and trace your echo
mark paces on the warm wood floor
make flight routes in my mind
I would give away all this information
and make exact duplicates
but the painter with no memory
paints the things before him
I am thinking it pulls them closer
          out past the screen door
shell enameled eyes and
cardamom seeds
expand our path towards hills






Tracing circles on the earth with my toe I hear the jets overhead
and metal plates being lifted and set down upon others
under the natural action of these bodies there is only a finite number of orbits

Three phone calls make for an exciting day
and I think she would like to withhold but will not
the brown rocks' shadows paint the car a more subtle shade and everyone brings cameras

Things return to zero eventually
his pulse and the wool turtlenecks in the drawer
le verre se brise

She trades me her story for a piece of my thigh
I wish I had the pictures they took in Paris, when he was away
We have taken care of the taxes after connecting to Tokyo by way of Geneva

I pull petals off flowers on uncertain afternoons
whether uncertainty can be worse than things that happen and pass
the train returns to the sea to visit in a few days

This afternoon a plane flew into a house in West LA
I made figure-eights with my hips in the mirror and waited



* * *



Birds gather and lines of wheat call to the skyscrapers
Satellites guard the channels under various bridges
Even the one painted yellows creaks and spies lucid
Headlines front my stack of paper and X beats Y to your
House we remain uniformly bounded away from zero
Different saddlepoints for the solution are found outside
Somber trees echo leaves and fill the trash with dissolution
Shipwrecked we seek out heat and hear five samples
And thunderstorms in the back of charming chateaus
Clouds bide their time before parceling the sky out
To mothers and children we're ringing the sun for lunch
Some attention momentarily sylphs the remainder
Syllables bend at their will not mine and strike a
Diminutive fifth wings beat against the air but this
One has consequences



* * *


A flowering of unexpected seasons emerges from dream
broadband distribution costumes frivolity
my hands open spilling out spring
broken into countless tiny deportations
remembrance of purple flowers, the tree outside a second-story
I see proliferation of green spaces
the tree uprooted in wind storms a week before winter's official
tarnished gestures meringue endpaper bottle miseries
without shorter days ahead striated lives diverge
your shoulders only open for a moment
the speed of chance increases in time
tank the cellophane and let the stars sing

unvarnished waxwings               tree fragments
            five rings spill out into pockets



* * *



Let us assume that this extension acts trivially on E
Possibly the sky hits noon at five today and we all fall
From clouds the transition between two regimes is
Described by uniform asymptotic expansion
What if we all expanded infinitely
Trains tracks lead to fields and houses around trees sky covers
Your face in the morning and the sea glitters even in the atmosphere
Eight rings of Saturn send directives on architecture and seeing
Back to earth but what with simpler dialectics and the spaces between
Her hair strikes the pillow each hour before sleep