Caroline Knox


Poem for Other Poems


A poem for "She Leaves to Sleep," by Rachel Hinton: parallel

structure (times, Leaving early, Thick-crusted … pizzas, Errands, Coffee).

Then the Marianne Moore arrangement – not coming back to a premise!  A poem

for Roberto Bolaño's  "Labyrinth," where wrong information is planted; even the wrong

plant information (just look at the photograph).  And who says what clothing is of "good quality"

or who is "the most handsome."  This is a poem for "Happy Fainting," by Katia

Kapovich, "armed with a red marker" doing "magazine stuff"; after all,

"Write wherever [you] can find a flat surface," said

John Cheever.  For Margaret Fuller,

who in 1840 wrote that Chicago was "a giant valve."

This poem is for profound  "Bermudas,"

by Marvell; it's for Michael Dennis Browne's

"Peter" – "Not knows why.  But does./  Not knows why.  But is"; and for

Julio Cortázar, in Cronopios and Famas:  "[T]he famas are good [at heart] and the

               esperanzas are blockheads."