Jon Leon



from Diphasic Rumors





Olfactory, optic, motor oculi, pathetic,

trifacial, abducent, facial, auditory, glosso-

pharyngeal, vargus, spinal accessory, hypoglossal.

4.5 are getting on 4.6 nerves. Send 4.5 to the

snifter plank, verdigris death origin. W/ the diarist

5.1 diarist, scribble 4.5. Like the cellular buzz

swatch. Keying in the tides on miniature pads.

Tracking ware gone haywire. Find 4.5, find 5.2,

heard 5.4 were windycity filmfesting. Somewhere

the minority leagues are cueing up broadside.






5.9 suburban outpost. Get 4.9 jobber,

relative, over. Squeeze ventriloquist shasta.

The sea squires whisking parrot. 4.8 created

lonely disputable. 5.6 found trouble in terminal

degrees. What posed as problems are now

posing as western models of decency. Denied

5.7 nude. All people on board go to those with

no knowledge of themselves. No 4.9 left.

Remortgage the lot, tipper the ship's waif.

Oh captain, not lost the course allocating distant.






4.5 & 5.1 wish to really get down twin dub.

Castanet 5.5. But the yard parties are

movable fleece now and the dancehalls have

all but given up on sewing parallax allegiances.

No way to tell really where this big hulking

piece of machinery will crash. But crash it will

with the dogs and sledge dealers and 5.3 and

5.2 and the ageing mistresses back east.

The prof. say "certificate block admittance."

No watchful men at the gates of 5.9 forgetting.






5.6 will have some radical hotel party

when this is over. Document War. Mi memoria

no esta clara sobre lo que paso. No se moleste

communique. Mechanic 5.0. Like it want it.

Stronger it, find buy it, the fanta incommunicado.

Lefty come look here: "First the candelabra, then the

missing hangar." Find it, Lefty. Find 5.5 close

to the sprinkled participants lingering round the home

spot. Fickle diatribe 4.5 putz. Serve who ___ serve 5.3.

Will not for any reason, dare find one, in this crew.






5.8 witchy bombast. Kaleidoscope 5.5.

Shostakovich booming from the outerwater p.a.

All the fish popping 6.2 kava lids. Of all the 4.5

in the sea: 4.5 are all over and 5.1 fiesta in faded

denim. Walk to the Portland Head Lighthouse and

wait patiently for 5.7. Postage stamps won't bring

5.5 together. Brawls, acting stup- again. Forecasts

grim outlook. H a r m onize for piano -- doesn't

work for 5.7. Look, all 5.1 meant to say was

that "it's like coming home."