Brendan Lorber




That Special Someone is Me

I’m reminded of where we're miles from
Martial arts in the marsh's heart
The new system crashes
in ways unimaginable to the old
The house is filthy & not even a house
I feel "how I feel" is best filed away
along with everything I can’t control
Criminal negligence worse than murder
except in sentencing The benchmark
for marks left by people sleeping on a bench
Not entirely true about the con artists
who raised me The love of my life
amid the iron dust channels her rage
into dusting The recording skips
across the river we live nowhere near


Two Drink Minimum

I am chronically demoloshed anew
What are you interested in?
Panting while I skirt the law
a shipless skipper in the tub
in despair Gargantuan mistakes
as this year's arbitrary pasttime
I met the dali lama at the corner deli
He was out of skim but not chips ahoy
the empty caloric pursuits
seem like abhorent ideas to
fill the days and night with
Hello nature care for a vaccum?


Destruction Manual

Manuel, no! Not the mendacious
reduction without a denominator
The perpetual motion sickness machine
Baby steps are important when it's a recipe
for baby omelettes The only benefits
we’re given are of the doubt
The man peeing between cars was my dentist
A redefined infinity with no burning bushes
or ever-curving planet The refined world
flattens & the only realm left to explore
is down People 6 feet under
the only ones under 30 I trust


Click to Skip

Cultural reminders of the passage of time
Election Night coverage or the floating
sensation depending on what kind of armor
one removes Ceremonial or votive
uses vs. pactical That is whether or not
to have a baby afterwards Thanks for
joining us There are the hypothetical
hims that would be five or hers or ten
& there are the actual rough patches
& you were central to them as I was to yours
The you of my life now without you changes over years
There's a reason I never called my therapist back
Boozing on Clinton Street all through the aging
did little to stave off the process
The Village ceased to be even ghosts we lived for
despite my own pasty appearence
I am reminded of how I'm not a bad man
just sweet and very slowly evolving
Signs abound The wonder of drinking
and anything else one can do to excess
Shouts of joy slightly out of reach
How many times is wishing for cancer too many?
I lived in public Now I'm beyond Jupiter
I abandoned happiness for life & now
am everything but a shell which makes picking things up difficult
There is a whole new category of the newly impossible