C. J. Martin




2nd Maquette: Miraculating Machine


"So it’s," or
the production
of consumption—
Plus, that fostering’s
such hard work
to begin w/ .

—affix orphan letter—
—who won’t eat, etc.—
You for one should know . . .
Little vivid course draws
it near to its limit



* * *



Unharbored in
Compartment S—
whirlwind can break
if stands, to a denied
half-break, a half-leaf
over . Puts pencil
down downs labels it
(S for 'stick-pin') fixed
at a kestrel breach . . .
Successor nature
no cymbal crash



* * *



A wilder a planer should
give first shout, would like it
about 3 people & few if
any lights upon enters
the city, breaks into their
fridgehenge, strand annex