Daniel Nester



Of More Wires and More Stars


Dear incomparable life-love

let's give ourselves tunes

to whistle from mem'ry. When do we

whistle them from mem'ry you say ?

Let's say when we haven't slept

together for awhile ;

Let's make up nursery rhymes

for all those triumphant afternoons.

Or even ones sent back for repair.

We have to entertain the ticket

scalpers outside our door, you know—,

So please sit down behind my back

Let us temper the volumes

in the one pot we have to swim in.

By the way, my dear : do the tired

ever straighten up and right themselves?



The Chicken Man Sermon on the Mount


Anyone who puts a life in those hands are never clean again.

Anyone who sees this episode is marked for life.

Will always fizzle out. And my spirit goes strange places

when I say this, a million years of dry noise, after all,

cuts off all comedy. I am sure I was a part of you then,

when I went down there, a chicken, a sermon, a mount.

We always began that same way. I guess my spirit

is a small one, filled with small consolations. He's everywhere

He's everywhere, my sermon read.

And in such a strange places on top of all that.

But I promised to be there.

But I arrived unclean, with bad timing. As usual.


Paradigm Setup 1


I was a house too close to the road.

Too close to baseball fields and too close to the sewer.

I fielded township foul balls with ceremony.

I've gone away since, and I'd tell you why, but

Those foul balls would doink my head again. Nothing

More like paradigmatic than that. And there will be

No talk of bosoms here. The bosoms are all gone now.

I was a house too close to the road.

I drew the milk gone sour. When the Jersey winds

Blew east, I'd smell what I'd eaten the night before.



Paradigm Setup 2


So, now. This first uncheckable beast walks

into one child's coarse compact of childhood,

and this first beast will knock his cherub-arms

down, wrist-pound them even. Put your finger there.

And the child does, and he cries, the beast does not,

and the child talks into his shoulder and the beast

does not talk into his beast-shoulder.



Paradigm Setup 3


And so if you came for no reason, well,

keep that talk to your chest, and look

over at the boy beside the apple trees.

I'll try to remember him, and stock

all the groups he could've belonged to.



Paradigm Setup 4


If you need names, you barbarian you,

I'll hand them right now—Catholic-poor,

sad-strange, needful-amazed and humble-alone.

There. All the fruit you wanted is jarred.

Each splinter that needs to be explained,

will be explained and, never the less,

I thank you for being here.





being a collection of questions, reservations, and comments written by the author in an attempt to abtserge and clarify elements of student and postgraduate creative work, 1995 until the present time


Do you mean: The neighbor?

Is a "drow" the same as the "Dark Elf"

Does "cake-crumbled" describe the ditch that's dug here?

The opposition of "clean" and "cropped" sort of eludes me, so I propose taking out the "but"?

Is the "Darkened Elf" the same as the "Dark Elf"?

Do you mean: What is making them happy?

Or: What has happened to make them so happy?

Curiousity here is an object; so, the false promises are its byproducts?

If your speaker can't remember, perhaps try not to answer the question; leave it unanswered? Or explain why the speaker cannot remember?

Is anal sex a warning sign or a cause of the speaker's woes?

Can you taste an aftermath? Lose sense here.

Induce, as in fake crying?

Aren't the majority of swords metal? Why use metallic?

Why is Drow—or, the Dark/Darkened Elf—not revisited until he's killed?

Cleaning the table or administering first aid?

Is the "White Elf" the same as the "Light Elf"?

"She shall fell her kindred"?

Why is the Darkened Elf both kindred and lover to the Light Elf? Are they related? If they are in different tribes, then that's the only other meaning I've left to assume?

Why switch out the naming of the Light Elf, as well as withhold its title?

Same goes for the plain, the Darkened Elf.

Is there another, non-proverbial limbo?

Don't all last strands of flesh dangle?

How can a blade liesurely return?

Wait—the Dark Elf and the White Elf are sisters?