Daniel Scott Parker


from In the Radio of the Sun


Oh so the skeleton made of fire          escapes inside the sea          steel columns of meaning   
          it's a big wet kingdom of commas          it's a giant beard full of condoms          
riveting and to swim in          wake up gasping          vulnerable like falling         
              asleep in a public place          this is from my autobiography          
the imprint of your eyes on my tears         
              so I think about a horse or a brain and I want a word for each of these         
     a curve for the horse to bend in          light and for the brain a mirror          
so to see and gaze upon itself          what then for the word          a sea of eves         
self-taught and severe          from inside the world is split in two         
         leaves gnaw at the skin of trees and the rug that's boiling with eyes         
light rattles over furniture          feverish and seething          the slow sea of our breathing 
          caught in the meniscus of a dream         
                                                     the trees' menacing antlers leaning in from the walls    
miniscule little pins like pronouns          
              your mouth can't hold them all in.




Don't even think about cancer because it's not          You carried him to play tennis
after the lobster and linoleum floors          He'd lost his legs to a boating accident and
            a fireplace inside the boat 
I didn't mean to leave the purse on the stool                                      I feel really sorry
                            I left the purse on the stool
While carrying things up on the roof all I could think was nerf
                                                                                         guns and air conditioning
parts          Your body hadn't yet turned against you