Amy Schrader




Good-by, Toto. Good-by, poppy.
Dorothy's ghost: shopworn, blowzy.


Showoffs work on Mon.'s crossword.
Homonyms, bon mots. Two-down: chords.


Cops( ): hyssop, snowy dogwood blooms.
Cops: do's, don'ts, cordons, tombs.


Boozy, bloodshot cockcrow. Noon
tomorrow: London, Moscow.





                 —after Robert Creeley

You, the Land of Nod:
small bow a measure,
vertical reach for milk
or a hand across. Un-
hand me. This, how not-to.
How not not-to. Be quiet
yet say aloud: Yes.
Hand kept in a pocket
in my blue dress. Whole
time wondering if
you wondering when
to put palms up & open.