Ravi Shankar



Barred brocades of barcode,
what salty pretzel is worth
the weight of hunger
its image in a glossy stirs?
To reconstitute is to miss
the mark deliberately, evoke
an absent origin whose latent
desire remains belated.

Query the origin of lace,
my world only overlaps
in moments with mysteries
and not well.


Conservation Principles

Varnish removal is irreversible,
disrupts the surface of intention.
The wrong cloth during coloring
or drying can scratch in swirls
that speed the spread of mold.
Try blotting synthetic chamois
or damp sheepskin, alternating
detergent with wax. Rub off.

The ethics of cleaning are hard
to explain to non-conservators
but damage begins at microscopic
levels: latrine green accretions
that have gnawed on alabaster
for centuries, leaving  traces
that survive any expert's liberal
use of hypochlorite fungicidals
or a brochure's cant and font.

Agedness in decomposition in
any case is proved, which may—
or may not—boost the artifact's
pedigree and new market value.





Tricked Out Furious

Pump the dash with unmanageable inflation!
Knobs and controllers in an Inferno Red GT
5 speed with chrome wheels, door spears,
hood struts, springs, diffusers, turbo pipes,
custom license plate mounts, blue anodized
aluminum dual exhausts, the libido incarnate,
in throaty motion an extension of the driver,
his broad hand on the protuberant gear shift.

There's no single theoretical framework
to explain traffic psychology, but a number
of strategic, tactical, and operational models
can demonstrate how changing conceptually
from a sensomotoric task to one with high
monitoring impact results in less accidents,
a vale of alertness without refractory period.

Say an abyss is filled momentarily by being
the fastest car on the road, a bona fide badass
whose shape weaving ahead is predatory,
finned, low to the ground, attended by bass,
a blared declaration that one's time is more
important than your space, that whatever
powerlessness exists outside the capsule
hurtling, flashing its brights, no insufficiency
dares diminish raging ego's muscle car glory!