Matina Stamatakis






1. Begins as milk teeth, synthetic eye depositories.

Counsel flesh to pliancy—say skin does mend. Other

skins. Obvious.


2. End where filaments often end

at the bottom of clouds. Dutiful. Cumulus. Bunched

then tucked. Hemmed about electricity. Thin. We.

To insist upon them. Curtailed doves







Awake. Beacon golds. & drizzle.

The deep hyperborean indigos of her gash. 

All parted florets.  Gentle where waxy sheath

unfurls a revealing pearl.  Nights dew-stung.

Thus, "shell" .  Where clogs fur. 

Mossy in the sealant. & brevity. Twitching

compass needle.  Here.  Nine mouths. A Tongue

of origin.  Hived & labyrinthine.





Songs of (In)experience


1.  Weep.  Downtrodden bird. Where.  Summer here
resounds misery.  Hymn. Psalm for keeping the heart
meters apart from the soul.

            Heavy garden.  To grow deep in soil. For dark's
            a sure escape.  Seek Autumn's thorns in vain.

2.  I.  Prophetic.  Unsee another loss of clay.  Another unease
     of bone inside the mouth. &  blossoms heavily bound around
      the ankles. Look upon the pathless valley deep.  Look upon
      restless licks of sleep.  &  the impoverished.  Southern.  Trodden.

3.  Pathos.  & what have we? 1) A sky-lark.  2) Uncharted maze
     in the eye. 3) A root buried deep in the mellowing grass.
     Unravel darkly into the mist.  Woe.  If ever I miss
     reaching outward.  Beyond.  With finger.  Or eye.