Jake Syersak


Webs II


In Ohio

the invisible electric

spark of fructose I'll admit

in the wild of strawberry vines, odor

of sulfur, phosphorescent glow

of glow-bugs

in the soy bean fields

a little puddle at a fence's edge, torn

a crystalline skein


reflecting back at everything, everything

there was

but still in response

to what




Webs III


I remember

in Seattle


a pixelated cityscape

ash, simulating the was of something burned

assimilate of leafing through leaving alone

                                        an unstrung threat, thin
          threads of snow between
unwebbed fingers.

sleet hell of ash, a city underwater, seemingly

                                  so. Threads of silence.
              Threat of leaves & snow &
dirt. An assimilate of ash.

not & is

is fire & ash & ice. Was's hair on fire w/ memory